Sunday, 29 April 2018

Abstract Tulip

Hello peeps I know some of you have seen it already on my timeline but I thought I'd share how it was made.
So I started off by creating the background which was really easy you just add blobs (yep blobs)of paint at the top of your page and use a card of some sort (old credit cart store card) and then drag the paint down the page wiggling as you go (yep get your wiggle going)make sure to go right to bottom yes can add more paint if needed.

Once that was dry I got some of the mesh that you use for plastering a wall and started playing with that.I then got a natural sponge and added paint with this add more texture. I then added some letters with a stencil some went a little blurry as the paint was runny but was ok. to finish off I added some circles by stamping a tube from tin foil, I just the tube into usable lengths and dip the end into paint.

Then I doodled the image this can be anything you want I chose an abstract tulip as I'm no good at drawing really. Then added the other doodles. I did these with an alcohol marker pen but you use black paint if you want to. I painted the tulip and doodles with acrylic paint and once dry I went over with a white green and black uni posca pen to add the detail.
And so there you have it I hope you like it

Happy Crafting
Jacki xx

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Daffodil Cards said...

Fabulous result Jacki, love the colours.