Wednesday, 23 July 2014

New work space

Good afternoon all I hope you are well and not wilting inthis gorgeous weather (it's about time we had a decent summer) this post is short and sweet I just want to show something. as you will know I had my other for a long time and although I loved it and do miss it it didn't feel me anymore. Also my crafting got way to much for the little table I used to use  that about the size of a bedside table (honest) and having to drag it out and then put everything away again after so I started crafting in my kitchen (hence the title of the new blog. Now this was great if I wasn't cooking(which isn't that often but...) so it was intended to be a stop gap until I get myself a desk and storage of some sort to fit the space crated for MY craft area as I don't have the space for a craft room.
Well we have just this week got it together and although I still need to adjust things and put my new chair together I am over the moon with it, it's not as elaborate as some of yours I have seen but for me it's fab I still have a lot of my stuff in the cupboard under the stairs but now that is right next to me so thumbs up all round anyway here it is my new work space

 the desk with my computer on has craft stuff in the drawers and the other desk  with the long drawer that is full of my ink pads so I don't have to get a big box out now everytime I need one oh joy so now all I need to do if find my mojo and get creating
see you soon xx



Hey at long last, you have got your own personal craft area and I am thrilled for you. You deserve it.
Happy crafting my friend and if I find your Mojo, I will return it ASAP, hehehehehehe.
Love Sandra xxx

Michelle said...

Hi Jacki. Its really lovely to hear from you again. I've been good and hope you have too. I'm melting a bit with this heat but what can you do. I love your craft area. It looks like a lovely spot to craft and I hope your mojo comes back as I love seeing your cards. Michelle xx

Doreen said...

Loving your craft space