Friday, 11 May 2018

Stand out from the crowd

Hi everyone I'm sharing my mixed media painting which is Acrylic base and oil pastel flowers on a mount board (backboard of photos)
To start I applied a good coat of gesso, then added my acrylics adding some starlight Acrylics as well to add a shimmer effect )(shame it can't be seen in pic)
Drying in between each layer so not to muddy it up, I applied it with either a brush or brayer using water to get it moving. I then added some stencil shapes to add texture. I then decided to add a few brusho's here and there and spritz to activate.
After I was completely happy with the background I added some stamps texture using a text stamp and archival ink.
Then it was down to the images these I gently drew in place with a light pencil and coloured in with more gesso, then went over with an oil pastel to give me the outline in the darkest of my chosen colours (the black outline was the last thing added)
I added the lightest colour next to the middle and blended now it does take a lot of blending to get started but once it's warmed up it's fine. I kept adding colour to add dimension and once happy I outlined with a watercolour pencil and drew the stem.
I wasn't really happy with the outline so I used a piece of charcoal and was pleased with that look so left it there.
All that was needed now was to frame the actual art and I did this with a black oil pastel then add my sentiment.
So there you have it hope you like it.


Happy Crafting
Jacki xx


Sandra Baldwin said...

Hi Jacki. A perfect work of art. MASTERPIECE.
Love Sandra xx

Sarah said...

What a masterpiece!! The bold colours look amazing xx