Monday, 19 October 2015

The hardest card to make

Hello my crafty friends I hope you are all fine and dandy and ready for the week ahead, it’s been busy here with one thing and another. Poor old Scruff had to go to the vets to have the 4 remanding teeth he had left in his little mouth removed as they were all infected and yukky (it’s was nit pretty poor mite) but he is back to his usual cheeky self now although still trying to bite me when I go to brush him (doesn’t he realise all he is doing is gumming me hahaha) just need to get the claws sorted now (only joking)

Charley hasn’t been too well this weekend we had thought at one point that maybe it would be the best if we took her to the vets as she seemed in a lot of pain and not at all herself yet Sunday she was back to her old self. I guess we have to accept that at the tender age of 20 she is going to have off days and we know that her days with us are limited but we want to make the most of them.
I still haven’t made a start on my Christmas cards yet and have loads to do but as is every year I just can’t get my into the right frame of mind for making them every year is the same, then it’s last minute rush around trying to get them all done.

I have decided to show the condolence card I made for the family that lost their Daughter/ Granddaughter a few weeks ago, the news was heartbreaking for everyone how could something like this to anyone especially such a loving family. And what do you say to make it OK, to help stop the hurt.

To say this card is the hardest one I have had to make is an understatement I lost count how many times I had to dry my eyes just putting it together and I wasn’t even sure making it was the right thing to do.
But it seemed the only way to show how sorry we were for what had happened so anyway here it is
The card is 6½ x 7½ and the papers are from pixel scrapper

The Image is called baby angel by Mo Manning and I just thought it was so fitting although I did crop out the snowflakes I coloured it my  pro markers.(sorry didn’t keep a note of colours used

I kept it pretty minimal where embellishments were concerned they didn’t seem apt for this card at all so I just added a few gems.

Then I made the insert I used the papers I have used on the front and also brought the image through fading it into the background, then  I found a beautiful poem/ verse which seemed so fitting so I added that and basically that was it card complete.

So I will leave it at that have a great week what ever you’re up to and I will see you soon

Happy crafting xx


Always with a Sentiment said...

Hello Jacki. What a gorgeous card, so delicate and a perfect image. When the time is right to read it, I am sure the parents will gain such comfort from this adorable card. Created with such love and warmth.
Lots of love, Sandra xxx

Leslie Miller said...

That would be a very difficult card to make under the most sad and tragic of circumstances. You did a beautiful job and the thoughtfulness of your effort will be sincerely appreciated.